Aroma diffusers are great additions to our homes. They provide us with inviting fragrances and loads of aromatherapy health benefits. However, one of the issues with oil diffusers is that they are relatively small. This is a problem if you live in an open-concept home or have a large living space, as you may need several standard-size diffusers in order to enjoy the effects.

If you don’t like the idea of buying several small diffusers to fill your space with pleasant aromas, then consider purchasing an aroma diffuser designed with the layout of large rooms in mind. With a larger water tank and more power, diffusers for large rooms can turn any size space into an aromatherapy haven.

How to Choose the Right Size Diffuser

When it comes to deciding on the right diffuser size for your home, there are several factors you should consider. For starters, think about the overall size of the room in which you intend to place your diffuser. If the room is small, a large diffuser may be overwhelming. However, if the room is large, a small diffuser will not provide you with enough coverage to get the full effects of your diffuser.  

The next thing you should think about is how long you expect the diffuser's water tank to last (when filled). For example, if you want a diffuser whose water tank can last up to 10 hours, a small diffuser is not going to be ideal. You can predicate that a small diffuser, filled to the max with water, will last between 1-3 hours, a medium diffuser will last 4-6 hours, and a large diffuser will last 8-10 hours.

The last tip for choosing the right size diffuser for your room is to consider your budget and overall preference. Diffusers designed for bigger rooms tend to be on the more costly side when it comes to the average price of an aroma diffuser.

The Different Types of Large Room Diffusers

If you have decided that a large room diffuser is right for you, the next decision you will have to make is what type of diffuser you want. Although there are various types on the market, your main two options are going to be the standing diffuser and the wall diffuser.

Let's compare the differences between these diffusers so you can make the best decision for your home:

  • Standing Diffuser: A standing diffuser uses essential oils to create a pleasant and aromatic atmosphere in your home. These diffusers are typically freestanding and can be placed on any flat surface, such as a table, countertop, or shelf. Eleven's standing diffuser features a cylinder shape that allows the diffuser to seamlessly blend into your home with its sleek design.
  • Wall-Diffuser: A wall diffuser acts like a standing diffuser in terms of its ultimate goal, radiating pleasant aromas. However, unlike free-standing diffusers, a wall diffuser is designed to plug directly into the wall. This allows them to lay flush against your walls and not take up any extra space.
diffusers in large rooms

Choosing an Essential Oil Fragrance

One of the most challenging parts of setting up your new large-room diffuser is going to be choosing which scent to try first. Fear not, though, because we have compiled a list of our favorite essential oil scents and even categorized it by mood! Check it out:

Don't be afraid to experiment with different scents to make your own blend. Maybe your senses like the idea of an orange-lemon aroma, or maybe your mind is craving more of a peppermint-lavender mix. Whatever it may be, don’t hesitate to be creative with your oils.

Final Thoughts

Small diffusers only have the capacity to disperse so much essential oil at once, meaning that the amount of room coverage they can supply sometimes falls short. Fortunately, there are scented oil diffusers that can disperse stronger amounts of vapor, carrying the essential oils across large rooms, sometimes even entire floors.

If you are looking for a quality oil diffuser for large rooms, check out ELEVEN’s premium aromatherapy line. We offer sleek diffuser designed with large room coverage in mind. Choose between a free-standing diffuser and a wall diffuser to bring happiness into every corner of your home.

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FAQ Section

What size diffuser should I get for my living room?

The size diffuser you should get for your living room relies strongly on how big your living space is. If you have a smaller and more closed-off living room, a small diffuser will most likely be adequate. However, if your space is an open concept, maybe connecting your living room to your kitchen and dining space as well, a larger diffuser will be more appropriate.

What are the different types of large room diffusers?

The two main types of large room diffusers are free-standing diffusers and wall diffusers. The main distinction between these two is that a standing diffuser has a base that allows it to stand on tables or floors, whereas a wall diffuser plugs flush against the wall.

How long will my diffuser last with a full tank of water?

The amount of time that a diffuser will last before drying up can only be estimated and varies from diffuser to diffuser. With that said, you can anticipate a small diffuser filled to the brim with water will last 1-3 hours, a medium diffuser will last 4-6 hours, and a large diffuser will last 8-10 hours.

Can I mix my essential oils?

You sure can! In fact, we recommend it. Be your own aromatherapy mixologist, and don’t be afraid to get creative.