Löv Bread Basket Liner

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Introducing the Löv Bread Basket Liner, an exquisite addition to our Nordic Collection. Inspired by the mesmerizing charm of leaves and the serene beauty of Nordic landscapes, Löv exemplifies the elegance of Eleven. Our bread basket liner, features the captivating Löv print which perfectly embodies the serene beauty of Nordic forests. This harmonious blend of delicate pink hues and intricate leaf patterns is both enchanting and elegant, adding a touch of refinement to your dining experience 

Enhance your kitchen décor with this stylish and versatile bread basket liner, ideally suited for both home and professional bakeries. Enjoy the perfect fusion of style and functionality with our Löv Bread Basket Liner. Apart from adding a touch of elegance to your baked goods presentation, this liner also provides practical benefits such as protecting your bread from dust and preserving its freshness for extended periods. 

Crafted from premium-quality fabric, the liner is easy to care for and machine washable, ensuring that it maintains its vibrancy and freshness over time. Infuse your baking accessories with a touch of refined elegance and embrace the essence of Nordic interior design with our Löv Bread Basket Liner. Experience the perfect fusion of sophistication, practicality, and style that is the hallmark of Eleven's commitment to superior quality and design.

About the print

Pure Luxury: Our Löv print design, features an artistic arrangement of vibrant pink and elegant grey tropical leaves that blend seamlessly, creating a mesmerizing sense of depth and dimension. The crisp geometric grey lines interplaying with the colors add a refined structure to the composition. Perfect for elevating living spaces or adding an exotic touch to design projects, the Löv print is a versatile and chic solution. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Scandinavian design, where the beauty of nature meets contemporary artistry in the exquisite Löv print. 

More info

  • Effortless maintenance: Designed for easy care, our bread basket liner is machine washable without compromising the vibrant colors and intricate design, making it convenient for daily use. 

  • Always polished: The high-quality linen is wrinkle-resistant, ensuring a consistently polished and sophisticated appearance on your dining table or bakery display, no matter how often you use it. 

  • Versatile and elegant: Our bread basket liner's exceptional quality and elegant design make it suitable for both personal and professional settings, elevating the dining experience in any environment. Perfect for home use, as well as bakeries, restaurants, and cafes. 

  • Adaptable design: Our bread basket liner features generous dimensions and an adaptable design that complements a variety of bread basket sizes and styles. It is designed to offer effortless folding and storage when not in use, making it the perfect accessory for any bread basket.