Blue Nature Linen Bread Basket

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Introducing Eleven's Ultra-Blue Botanical Bread Basket Liner, a divine addition to our Blue Nature - Botanical Collection. This glamorous liner is neatly crafted to elevate your bread experience, effortlessly blending elegance and functionality for both home and professional use. Crafted with the finest fabric, the Eleven Bread Basket Liner symbolizes exceptional quality and refined elegance. Displaying a fancy fusion of floral and organic shapes in a striking ultra-blue hue, this alluring design embraces the beauty of nature's wonders. The opulent soft fabric is handpicked for its natural, breathable, and moisture-absorbing properties, guaranteeing that your bread remains fresh and your dining table or bakery display remains immaculate. 

Our determined dedication to excellence is manifested in the intricate stitching and flawless finishing of each bread basket liner. The generous dimensions and versatile design make it the ideal companion for various bread basket sizes and styles, as well as offering very simple folding and storage when not in use. Uplift your dining experience to unparalleled heights of refinement and elegance with the addition of Eleven’s Ultra-Blue Botanical Bread Basket Liner. 

About the print

A Luxurious experience: Elevate your home decor with our sophisticated Ultramarine Blue Floral Print. Featuring a captivating design of organic shapes and delicate blossoms in a sumptuous blue hue, this print adds sophistication and depth to any room. Crafted from high-quality materials, it's both durable and easy to maintain, ensuring it retains its beauty for years to come. Order now and experience the unmatched comfort and warmth of this exquisite piece. 

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  • Effortless maintenance: Designed for easy care, our bread basket liner is machine washable without compromising the vibrant colors and intricate design, making it convenient for daily use. 

  • Always polished: The high-quality linen is wrinkle-resistant, ensuring a consistently polished and sophisticated appearance on your dining table or bakery display, no matter how often you use it. 

  • Versatile and elegant: Our bread basket liner's exceptional quality and elegant design make it suitable for both personal and professional settings, elevating the dining experience in any environment. Perfect for home use, as well as bakeries, restaurants, and cafes. 

  • Adaptable design: Our bread basket liner features generous dimensions and an adaptable design that complements a variety of bread basket sizes and styles. It is designed to offer effortless folding and storage when not in use, making it the perfect accessory for any bread basket.