Balance Decorative Lumbar Pillow Cover (36 x 14 in)

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Infuse your home with a harmonious blend of elegance and comfort with our sophisticated Balance Pillow Cover. Our 36x14-inch cover is the ideal size, meticulously crafted with premium fabric, our product is thoughtfully designed to enhance your sleep experience while effortlessly infusing a touch of flair into any space. 

Featuring a stunning mosaic of geometric circles, each with intricate details and varying shades of gray. Witness the captivating 3D illusion that effortlessly harmonizes the delicate dance between order and chaos, light and dark, and the perfect interplay of structure and fluidity. Made with exceptional quality, our pillow cover is not only machine washable but also fade-resistant and wrinkle-free, ensuring they retain their pristine appearance effortlessly. Featuring carefully crafted folds that securely and neatly hold the insert in place,  

You can use it to complement any modern decor, as it adds some contrast and sophistication to your living space.  

Embrace the opportunity to infuse your couch, bed, or living room with the captivating allure of our striking pillow cover, destined to make a bold statement and captivate your gaze. Don't overlook the chance to fill your home with chic and cozy vibes, as this stunning pillow cover promises to elevate your space with its undeniable charm. 

About the print

Luxury Design:  Balance is a captivating dance of geometry and grayscale. Witness a symphony of meticulously crafted circles, each containing its own universe of intricate detail, seamlessly dispersed across a canvas adorned with intersecting lines. The grayscale spectrum, ranging from delicate silver whispers to resounding charcoal echoes, lends profound depth, casting an enchanting 3D illusion that transcends ordinary perception. 

The design is a visual metaphor for balance itself - a harmonious coexistence of order and chaos, light and dark, structure and fluidity. Balance is more than a print; it's a testament to the beauty of equilibrium in complexity. 

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    • Luxurious comfort: With our premium quality fabric made from carefully selected high-quality fabric, our pillow covers provide a soft and comfortable experience that is both durable and sophisticated.

    • Enhance your living space: These versatile pillow covers are perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your couches, beds, and living room seating.

    • Easy-to-clean for added convenience: Designed with easy care in mind, these pillow covers are machine washable, ensuring their vibrant colors and shape remain intact for long-lasting use.

    • Vibrant colors that last: Our high-quality prints are fade-resistant, ensuring that the elegant modern designs and captivating colors remain vivid and beautiful even after multiple washes, so you can enjoy your pillows for years to come.

    • Versatile design to match any interior style: The timeless design and print make these pillow covers incredibly adaptable, effortlessly complementing a wide range of interior styles, including modern, contemporary, and traditional.

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