Eucalyptus & Mint Scented Oil (Refiller), 100 ml

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Our Eucalyptus & Mint scented oil is a refreshing and invigorating blend of two popular herbs.

Use our scented oils in diffusers, burners, or other applications to create a unique and inviting atmosphere. 

Made with the finest essential oils and other aromatic compounds, our scented oil provides a long-lasting and consistent aroma. 

Fragrance Description

Eucalyptus & Mint is a perfect blend of the invigorating aroma of eucalyptus and the cool, crisp nuances of mint. The scent begins with a top note of fresh mint that evokes a sense of energy and rejuvenation, while the middle note of eucalyptus provides a grounding, calming effect that balances the scent perfectly. The base notes are subtle and warm, providing a gentle, earthy quality that adds depth to the fragrance. Together, the eucalyptus and mint notes create a harmonious aroma.

Product Features

Our scented oils are crafted with premium, non-toxic, and eco-friendly materials that provide a long and clean burning experience.

Eliminate odors and freshen up your space with our highly scented deodorizer. Our oils are designed to provide a strong and long-lasting fragrance that's perfect for those who love bold scents. Experience a fresh and inviting atmosphere that's sure to impress anyone who enters the room.

Experience fast and effective odor elimination with our quick-acting formula. Within minutes, our odor eliminator gets to work, removing even the toughest pet, smoke, and musty odors from your space. Enjoy fresher, cleaner air in no time with our reliable and efficient odor elimination.

Whether you own an ultrasonic, nebulizing, or oil burner, Eleven’s Scented Oils are versatile enough to complement them all. Specially formulated to ensure consistent fragrance dispersion, these oils seamlessly infuse any room with their captivating aromas. So, whether it's a cozy evening with your partner or a lively gathering with your friends and family, let our oils set the perfect mood for every occasion.